Key dates

21 May 2010 - Company’s registered name is officially changed from HT – Hrvatske telekomunikacije d.d. to Hrvatski Telekom d.d.

28 March 2010 - T-Hrvatski Telekom has signed a Share Sale and Transfer Agreement to acquire the entire share capital of Combis, usluge integracija informatičkih tehnologija, d.o.o. (Combis).

1 January 2010 - Through merger of the companies T-Mobile Croatia LLC and HT-Croatian Telecom Inc., with prior approval of the Supervisory Board of T-Croatian Telecom, T-Com and T-Mobile operations were integrated into one, fully customer oriented organization.

November 2009 - The number of users of MAXtv, IPTV service of T-Com, exceeded 200,000 – a twofold increase in just over a year’s time. The service was launched in September 2006 and has gained in popularity among users by constant introduction of new contents, TV channels, films and features. This result proves that T- Croatian Telecom is the biggest distributor of TV content in Croatia.

22. January 2008 - Management Board of T-HT adopted changes in the organizational structure of T-HT, ensuring the organizational prerequisites for further development and growth of the company in the circumstances of fierce competition on the telecom market.

5. October 2007 - Dealing in the shares of HT - Hrvatske telekomunikacije d.d. started at 10.00 hours on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, preceded by signing of the Contract on the Listing of the T-HT Shares on the Official Market of the Zagreb Stock Exchange. More than 358 thousand Croatian citizens bought the shares of T-HT. Their designation for trading on the Zagreb Stock Exchange is HT-R-A. Trading with the GDRs of T-HT started on the London Stock Exchange at the same time. Croatian Government decided to increase on September 24, the package of HT shares for IPO to 32,5 per cent, out of which 25 per cent will be reserved as priority for the Croatian citizens.
The rest of 7, 5 per cent shares has been distributed amount institutional investors, decided the Government at today's extraordinary session.

19. December 2006 - Reaching 200.000 users, the number of MAXadsl users doubled if compared to the same period last year. T-Com introduced the MAXadsl service in April 2004. In October, same year, the first 10.000 users were registered, while in December 2005 the registered number of users amounted to 100.000. With more than 800 access nodes throughout Croatia, MAXadsl is available in all cities as well as the majority of small places Croatia wide. The increase of customer growth is the result of favorable prices, continuous increase of service quality, wider offer of user terminal equipment as well as geographical coverage.

26. October 2006 - The Prime Minister of the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, DSc. Ahmet Hadzipasic and President of the Management Board and CEO of HT-Hrvatske telekomunikacije, Ivica Mudrinic signed in Mostar an agreement according to which HT Mobilne, ex- Eronet, affiliates with HT Mostar. The agreement aligns the status of the business segment for mobile communications (HT Mobilne) with the license for provision of mobile communications services on the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina owned by HT Mostar. According to the signed agreement, after the affiliation the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina owns the total share of 55,67%, HT Zagreb owns 39,10%, while HP Zagreb owns 5,23%. After issue of the resolution on authorization of registration of the executed privatization, the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina acquired the 50,103% share, while the 5,567% share was acquired on the basis of public subscription.

21. September 2006 -T-Com was the first one within the DT Group to enable use of MAXtv to all MAXadsl users. MAXtv viewers have at their disposal programs of more than 50 domestic and foreign TV stations. Apart from all national and regional televisions in Croatia, MAXtv users can also enjoy the programs of prominent TV stations from the neighboring countries as well as specialized music programs, programs broadcasting only news, cartoons, sport, fashion and show biz events, documentary films or soap operas and many others. MAXtv viewers also have access to a digital Video club containing the titles from various genres of both domestic and foreign production: films, cartoons, serials, documentary films, children production as well as adult contents.

1. June 2006 - With the number of two million users T-Mobile confirmed its leading position on the mobile operator market. From its very beginning, T-Mobile records a continuous growth, while it passed the way from one million to two million users in only four years.

30. May 2006 - By a transaction worth 13,7 million Euros HT-Hrvatske telekomunikacije d.d. became the owner of 100% of IskonInternet d.d. shares. Before the purchase was concluded, Iskon portal had been separated into an individual company, Adriatic Media d.o.o. and was not a subject of purchase by T-HT. Iskon is a successful ISP company with 111 permanent employees and realized total revenues of 81 million Kunas in the year 2005. In order to preserve its dynamic, entrepreneurial culture as well as the quality of fast recognition of user requirements, Iskon will remain an independent company, while T-HT will monitor Iskon's business through Supervisory Board. T-HT will not integrate Iskon into its portfolio since Iskon's services are complementary to T-HT's services.

17. August 2005 - Pursuant to the Decision of the Supervisory Board on a new model of managing the Company, T-HT Management Board adopted a new organizational structure and the scope of activities of the organizational units of the Company. Together with four Corporate Units (CEO, CFO, CHRO, CGTO/CIO), the role of which is to integrate business and management of the whole Company, T-HT has two Business Units: Business Unit for Fixed Network and Broadband Operation (T-Com), organized as a "virtual company" within HT-Hrvatske telekomunikacije d.d. as a legal person and Business Unit for Mobile Communications Operation (T-Mobile), a separate legal person organized as a limited liability company one hundred percent owned by T-HT.

1. April 2005 - As a respond to customers' requests and newly established regulatory environment, T-HT has offered and the Telecommunications Agency has approved an additional tariff system with two customer packages based on a one-second billing unit. When creating the said packages T-HT applied the results of the customer survey and the best practice in international telecommunications companies as well as their customer packages structure based on a one-second billing unit. Thus, T-HT has offered a package with the so called minimum call duration, after which each second of conversation is charged, and a package with the so called call establishment fee, after which each second is charged.

7. February 2005 - Government of the Republic of Croatia transfered 7% of HT shares to Croatian War Veteran's Fund.

1. October 2004 - Croatian Telecom becomes a part of the global T-brand - trademark of Deutsche Telekom which is one of the leading telecom operators. After becoming a part of the T family, HT has changed the features of its trademark, still keeping its national identity. Thus, T-Hrvatski Telekom has become the Company's roof brand, whilst the brands that represent two different segments are T-Com, combining fixed network and on-line services, and T-Mobile.

February 2003 - Croatian Telecom sets up a new regional organization, based on which all previous telecommunications centers are organized in four regions. According to the new structure, telecommunications centers are grouped around the leading business, political and cultural centers of Croatia: Osijek, Rijeka, Split and Zagreb, which have become regional centers. The main reasons for this transformation are to establish better relations with customers, to position HT in new market conditions and to systematically improve the internal functioning of the Company.

January 2003 - Croatian Telecom founds a subsidiary - HT mobilne komunikacije, 100% owned by HT. After spinning off mobile communications, this department has been running its business operations in a better and high-quality manner and has been able to fully use its resources for the development of mobile communications. Alll of the above said has had the greatest impact on the public, i.e. service users. Moreover, the spin off of mobile communications is a part of the request made by the regulator in relation to the transparency of business operations regarding certain services of HT.

During 2002 - the process of fixed network digitalization was completed, so that nowadays the fixed network is 100% digitalized.

October 2001 - Deutsche Telekom AG becomes the majority owner of HT with 51% of shares in the ownership structure, whilst the owner of the remaining part is the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

During 2000, as a part of preparations for incoming competition in the fixed telephony market, the Company prepares for the rebalance of the tariff structure in order to adjust its service prices to competitive prices in Europe and the world.

October 1999 Pursuant to the public invitation to tender, the Government of the Republic of Croatia passed a decision on accepting the offer of Deutsche Telekom AG, which paid USD 850 million for 35% of HT shares. That was one of more successful privatizations in transitional countries with respect to the value of the Company according to GDP per capita and the achieved price of shares. An additional confirmation of the success of the said project was the award of the respectable magazine "Central European" for the first stage of privatization of HT.

January 1999 Croatian Telecom was founded after the separation of HPT - Croatian Post and Telecommunications into HP - Croatian Post Inc. and HT - Croatian Telecom Inc.


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