Hrvatski Telekom Invites Startups to the Business Wall of Fame Contest


  • International contest Business Wall of Fame is entering its second iteration with two more countries
  • The topic of this year's contest are Internet of Things solutions
  • The winning solution in the contest at a national level will be awarded a national marketing campaign worth up to HRK 230,000 and become HT partner

Hrvatski Telekom and other members of the Deutsche Telekom Group are opening the Business Wall of Fame contest to run in Croatia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Slovakia, aiming to award innovative Internet of Things solutions. The contest is intended for businesses striving to promote their Internet of Things solutions and make them available to the wider public. The focus is on innovative solutions from all industrial branches for the Internet of Things which facilitate business operations.

The Internet of Things solutions create a visionary scenario in which the things surrounding us – ranging from the machinery in production facilities to everyday items – exchange and evaluate data automatically, creating added value for private life and work.

Solutions within the Internet of Things are primarily cloud based and can be applied to almost every area of life (e.g. connected cars, intelligent buildings, smart cities, industrial automation, smart metering etc.). Smart vending machines enable customers to increase their revenues through a higher availability of stock and increased efficiency of field operations, such as optimised routes and reduced filling time.

The participants can enter the final draw provided their Internet of Things solutions have received a specified number of Facebook likes. Following the decision on the best solutions submitted per country based on the votes cast by the community, the verification jury will select the winners at a national level, as well as the best international solution for the Internet of Things. The best solution at a national level will be awarded a marketing campaign worth HRK 230,000 and become an HT partner, which will create the opportunity for the winning solution to reach over 100,000 business users of Hrvatski Telekom.

The winning international Internet of Things solution developer will become a partner of Telekom’s Business Solution portfolio in all 8 countries. This opens up a potential to reach over 10.8 million Deutsche Telekom business customers in all 8 countries. Deutsche Telekom has a great track record for bringing new technologies and services to market in a sustainable way. It gives developers the confidence and expertise needed to meet the objectives in sales and marketing.

The participants can increase their number of votes and hence the opportunity to win the contest by encouraging their community to cast votes. The voting can be beneficial: all those casting their votes and applying as supporters of their favourite solutions in Croatia, Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania and Slovakia will become eligible for interesting awards: ranging from excellent smartphones to Office 365 Business Premium services.

Categories and awards of the Business Wall of Fame contest

National winner: the best Internet of Things solution

Award: national marketing campaign worth around HRK 230,000 and partnership with Hrvatski Telekom

National voter: voters are eligible for excellent smartphones (the winners are drawn from voter registration records): 2 x Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC M9 and HTC Desire 620. The first 50 voters, who are business decision makers, will win free six months of Office 365 Business Premium service, following the casting of votes and provision of the required information.

International winner: the best international Internet of Things solution for business users

Award: Partnership with Deutsche Telekom Group in 8 countries reaching potential 10.8 million business users and marketing as a Telekom partner at an international industry fair to the value of € 10,000.

Contest schedule:

Submission phase for businesses: 20 April – 25 May 2015.
Voting phase: 11 May – 22 June 2015.
Winners announcement: 7 July 2015.

For submission and all the required information, please click on the following link.

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