HT and Microsoft Present Disaster Recovery as a Service, Unique Solution for Data Preservation


Disaster Recovery as a Service (HT DraaS) is the only technological solution in the world supporting continuous availability of both physical and virtual servers

Hrvatski Telekom, in collaboration with the company Microsoft Hrvatska, will be among the first ones in Europe to offer companies a possibility to ensure uninterrupted operations of their infrastructure and preservation of data and services they provide in an easy manner. Today, HT has presented its unique service Disaster Recovery as a Service at the Microsoft WinDays15 conference, held in Umag by 24 April.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (HT DraaS) is the only technological solution in the world that supports continuous availability of both physical and virtual servers. The services is intended in the first place to business customers who have a need for high availability and continuous operations.

“The user of the HT DraaS service does not need to invest in new servers, a data centre, or collocation, since all data are replicated into the HT Cloud infrastructure without any additional costs. The service is integrated into user’s existing systems and includes full technical support and data protection with the possibility of activation of the encryption option,” explained Tomislav Kosanović, Director of the Standard ICT Products Department of HT.

HT DRaaS is unique also because of its ability to support the TIER 7 standard, which is treated as a standard without data loss in exceptional circumstances (zero data lost). User data are placed in the HT’s state-of-the-art data centre in Croatia, while the service includes automatic failover and rollback. As to replication, only storage space is used, meaning that the user’s replication server is not on all the time, and in the case of exceptional circumstances, the user can choose between the automated and the manual server activation.

“I’m very pleased that this collaboration, which started a few months ago, has led to a new story. The collaboration of Microsoft and HT has become more intense and of higher quality, especially in the area of cloud services, with regard to which both companies have been investing considerable funds. Through cloud services, we have been jointly working on market consolidation, which will lead to public services of higher quality and to a more efficient state. I am sure that this project is only one of the first steps in collaboration between Microsoft and HT,” said on this occasion Hrvoje Kapetanović, Sales Manager at Microsoft Hrvatska.

The price of the DraaS service, which is paid as monthly fees, depends on the user infrastructure and platform, where the key factors are the number of server cores, disc size, and memory size. HT allows its customers to try out the replication and configuration of their servers for an hour twice a year, free of charge.

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