HT presented a survey on the mobile habits of business users and new mobile tariffs


  • 45% of small businesses pointed out the fundamental importance of data security and data protection, hence all business tariffs include Cloud Storage and Lookout security application
  • Over 70% of users are aiming to participate in the creation of their tariff, and, irrespective of the fact that roaming is not deemed vital, small businesses are striving to include it in their tariff
  • Navigation, personal data protection and roadside assistance rank as the most popular among additional services

Hrvatski Telekom enhanced and enriched its mobile tariff plans, which currently, in addition to the fastest 4G Internet connection speed of up to 150 Mbit/s, are provided also a higher level of security and expanded data storage capacity, along with enhanced roaming services and international calls. Through new tariffs, HT ensures the best choice entirely tailored to user needs in the best network, with the most extensive 4G coverage and at fastest Internet connection speeds. “Best Tariff” provide individual approach in the selection of tariffs, in addition to a vast array of favourable offers within the fastest 4G network in Croatia.
New tariffs are a result of entrepreneurial wishes expressed during the survey conducted by Ipsos Puls agency for the requirements of HT among 200 Croatian small businesses and their employees. According to the research, data security and their storage are deemed fundamental by 45% of small businesses, and hence HT opted to include Cloud Storage services and Lookout security application in all its business tariffs.

Maximum HT server data protection in Croatia
HT business user mobile data uploaded on Cloud Storage by the user are provided maximum protection, as they are being stored on servers in the HT data centre located in Croatia. The service is synchronised with all user devices and hence, for instance, a user has the opportunity to access data stored on his/her telephone from his/her laptop. As part of the Cloud Storage service, users also have the opportunity to integrate other cloud disc space providers, which ensures sending, receiving, and sharing of large files without any problems and without clogging your e-mail inbox.
Additional security is ensured by the Lookout applications, which is also included in all HT business tariffs. Due to Lookout application, the users can never lose their data, even if they lose their mobile phone or in the case it has been stolen from them. The Lookout application provides phone location tracking and sending of adapted messages to the lost device, surveillance of malicious software, contact and photography backup, and it warns the user of SIM card removal, switches the device to airplane mode, or in the case of no Internet access for over five minutes.
The Lookout application and data storage provide comprehensive security to mobile payment transactions for HT mobile users, as well as 100% security and availability of documents saved on their mobile device.
Cloud Storage and Lookout are not additionally charged and Cloud Storage is not included in data traffic of the selected tariff plan.

Entrepreneurs opting for roaming tariff plans
Considering the fact that 44% of HT business users prefer roaming services from Croatia towards all the countries in the European Economic Area (the EU, Iceland, Lichtenstein, and Norway), the two tariff plans concerned include 100 or 1 000 free minutes for calls towards these countries per month.

Navigation and data protection ranking as the most popular services
According to a survey conducted by Ipsos Puls, almost 50 percent of HT users is satisfied with their selected tariff, while 22 percent of users exceed their tariff limits nearly every month. After exceeding the data transfer volume included in their tariff plan, most users (58 percent) are provided lower Internet access speeds in accordance with their selected tariff, while 23 percent of users start looking for a free Wi-Fi network. Automatic activation of additional data traffic volume identical to the data traffic volume originally included in the tariff (28 percent of users) is at the forefront among the available options, while the least popular option is the purchase of additional data traffic per megabyte (7 percent of users).
Value added services do not have a significant impact on the choice of a business tariff plan: 62 percent of users do not include them in their tariff plan, while 6 percent of users include them in the tariff, but never use them. Navigation is the most popular service among entrepreneurs striving for additional services. Hence, 36 percent of users are prepared to incur additional costs for navigation services, which are followed by personal data security and data protection (27 percent) and roadside assistance services, for which 26 percent of users are willing to incur additional costs.

Investment in the construction of high speed Internet infrastructure
At the beginning of this year, HT launched a substantial investment cycle worth HRK 1.3 billion. Investments are primarily implemented in the construction of high speed Internet infrastructure. The coverage of 60 percent of the public with 4G mobile network at speeds up to 150 Mbit/s is planned by the end of the year.

Additional information on Business Tariffs:
Business users have the opportunity to select the Best Tariff to meet their needs and they are also provided a vast array of favourable terms comprising of:
  • 4G speed included in the tariffs (with the exception of the lowest rate Mala+ tariff (Small+ Tariff)).
  • The fastest 4G speeds on the market up to 150 Mbit/s included in Imam sve+ (I Have Everything+) and Premium+ tariff. During the promotional period all the users opting for Surfam+ (Surf+) tariff are eligible for a favourable option of speed up to 150 Mbit/s included in their tariff.
  • Users starting from tariff plans Surfam+ (Surf+) and Pričam+ (Talk+) have the opportunity to select one of the additional services to enhance their tariff, and the price is included in the monthly rate (MAXtv2go basic package, Navigation or Roadside Assistance.) Users opting for high rate tariffs select one of the six available services (they have the opportunity to additionally select between MAXtv2go sports package, Deezer and Lookout Protection). Moreover, users are entitled to replace one additional option with another after six months.
  • The opportunity of combining several telephony and mobile net tariffs into an umbrella tariff due to which a user is entitled to a discount on each individual tariff.

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