Hrvatski Telekom unveiled new mobile tariffs and survey results on smartphone use habits in Croatia


  • Over one half of Croatians own a smartphone and almost everyone under 35 owns one
  • Women are fond of health and fitness applications, men opt for sport and finances
  • "Best Tariff" is an umbrella term for all the new residential and business tariffs by Hrvatski Telekom

After being the first in Croatia to provide the fastest Internet access speed in 4G network enabling peak data rates of up to 150 Mbit/s at the beginning of the year, Hrvatski Telekom has presented new products intended for mobile services users. New tariffs by Hrvatski Telekom provide the best choices entirely tailored to meet user requirements in the best network, with the most extensive 4G coverage and the fastest speeds. "Best Tariffs" provide users with individual approach in tariff selection, as well as a vast array of perks. Moreover, the opportunity to use the fastest network is cost-effective.

Investment in high speed Internet infrastructure
At the beginning of 2015, HT launched an extensive investment cycle worth HRK 1.3 billion. This primarily concerns investments in the construction of high speed Internet infrastructure. It has been anticipated that by the end of the year, 4G high speed Internet coverage enabling peak data rates of 150 Mbit/s will reach 60% of the public.

Survey results: Croatian users are fond of Internet surfing and high speed mobile Internet
Over one half of Croatian mobile services users (55%) owns a smartphone, which is almost a 20% increase compared with only a year ago, according to the survey conducted by the GfK agency. Smartphone users primarily consist of young, educated users, such as pupils and students, as well as those with the highest household income.
Mobile Internet services are used by almost all smartphone owners (92 percent), with nearly 30 percent of mobile Internet users opting for 4G Internet, which is up to 10 times faster compared with 3G Internet. Mobile Internet services primarily focus on meeting three requirements: enabling freedom and effectiveness, the feeling of sharing, the feeling of being connected and of belonging, as well as entertainment.

Almost 70 percent of users surf on their smartphones over 30 minutes per day, with 91 percent of those aged under 24. Four fifths of those surveyed use the Internet away from home, primarily opting for 3G/4G high speed mobile Internet access or combining mobile Internet access and fixed Internet access points.

Mobile Internet is used for four to five services: primarily for social networking and Internet surfing – more than 45 percent. Moreover, 32 percent uses mobile Internet for watching video clips and listening to music, as well as for sending and receiving e-mail messages.

Zagreb residents using the largest number of applications
Social networks, listening to music and watching video clips are the principal features of smartphone users throughout the regions, yet there are divergences in the use of specific applications. Hence, Zagreb residents use their smartphones slightly more extensively than the users in other regions, generally by using five or more diverse services. They use navigation applications, as well as sport and finance applications more frequently in relation to users in other regions. Users living in Northern Croatia primarily use navigation applications and read the news. Those located in Istria and Croatian Littoral are interested in weather applications, going out and entertainment applications, as well as apps for health and fitness. Users living in Dalmatia use the smallest number of applications – between three and four, they spend the least amount of time on social networking, and they are the least interested in weather forecast and navigation apps.

Women prefer health and fitness applications, men opt for sports and finances
On average, men use one application more than women. Women use health and fitness applications, music and weather forecast applications. On the other hand, men prefer business and finances applications, navigation and guides, and especially sport applications, which are six times more popular among men.
Teenagers spend the greatest amount of time on social networks and listening to music, those aged over 35 are the most frequent users of business applications and following news portals, while those aged over 45 usually opt for finance applications, navigation, and weather forecast.

Additional information on "Best Tariffs"
Users have the opportunity to select the Best Tariff to meet their requirements and hence they are also entitled to a wide range of favourable terms:
  • 4G speed included in the tariffs (with the exception of the lowest rate tariff – Mala tarifa (Small Tariff)).
  • The fastest 4G speeds on the market, reaching up to 150 Mbit/s, are included in the tariffs Imam sve (I Have Everything) and Premium tariff. Throughout the promotional period, all the users opting for Surfam (Surf) tariff are eligible for the favourable term of peak data rates of up to 150 Mbit/s included in their tariff.
  • Users opting for tariffs Surfam (Surf) and Pričam (Talk) are entitled to selecting one of the additional services to enhance their tariff plan, while the price is included in the monthly rate (MAXtv2go basic package, Navigation or Roadside Assistance). Users opting for high rate tariff plans can select between one of the six available services (they can select between MAXtv2go sports package, Deezer, and Lookout Protection). The user is entitled to replace the additional option with another after six months.
  • Opportunity to combine several telephony and mobile Internet tariffs into an umbrella tariff and hence the user is entitled to a discount on each individual tariff plan.
  • In addition to residential tariff plans, our product range will include also business tariff plans, which provide users with enhanced security and data storage capacity. Now, users have the opportunity of document and presentation storage on their mobile device, and the payment security is guaranteed for all their mobile transactions.

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