Dubrovnik Gets Its First Smart Lamp


  • The first demo lamp with an integrated multi-functional sensor circuit has been switched on, thus transforming public lighting into a “smart city” infrastructure
  • A unique system in Europe developed by Hrvatski Telekom in collaboration with Cisco

Hrvatski Telekom has implemented in Dubrovnik the first solution for “smart lighting” as part of the “smart city” infrastructure. On 8 May, in Lujo Šoletić park, the first demo lamp, with an integrated multi-functional sensor circuit, was switched on in Europe, thus marking the beginning of an infrastructure which could make Dubrovnik, as a “smart city”, even more open to new solutions.

The lamp, which was switched on and tested in Dubrovnik, is different from all the lamps used in Europe because it includes movement sensors, air pollution sensors, temperature sensors, and sound sensors. In addition, a video camera can be connected to the sensor circuit. The entire sensor circuit is managed from one place, which provides for the opportunity to develop multiple “smart city” solutions without a need for re-installing sensors each time.

“This allows for an accelerated construction of a multi-functional sensor network as the fundamental infrastructure of a smart city, which thus becomes an open platform for a number of providers of different solutions. The lamp which we have switched on today is the first such lamp installed in Europe, and Dubrovnik is the first city which plans to build, on the basis of public lighting, its own sensor network managed from one place”, explained Renato Totić, Corporate Account Manager from Hrvatski Telekom.

This step forward, which HT has taken with its renowned global partner Cisco, confirms that at a global level, HT has been recognised as the leading telecommunications operator in Croatia. HT is the only operator which owns a complete, integrated, and open infrastructure which is ready to be integrated with any system or platform and which must connect citizens with all services provided by a smart city, taking the utmost account of the necessity of integration of all system factors into a unique eco-system of a smart city.

“With its understanding of how to apply the state-of-the-art technology in a strategy that improves the quality of life of its citizens, Dubrovnik paves the way towards creating a truly smart city”, said Ana Sliškar, representative of Cisco for the area of smart cities in South East Europe.

“A thousand years ago, Dubrovnik was built relying on the most advanced technology of that time. Nowadays, we are continuing along the same path, as pioneers of new smart city technologies. This lamp with sensors, which we have switched on tonight, is a guidepost for new projects and solutions which will transform Dubrovnik into a smart city in the true sense of the word”, said Andrea Novaković from the Development Agency of the City of Dubrovnik.

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